What We’re Doing to Protect You

Since reopening last Monday (June 15th) we’ve been inundated with workshop repair and upgrade jobs. This is thanks to nearly 3 months of lockdown backlog, but the great news is we’ve got two dedicated workshops working through the laptops, desktops and All-in-Ones.

We’ve altered and adapted our usual working practices to ensure full safety during this time of heightened health and safety.

Once your tech has been booked in, and you’ve been given your receipt, we set to work straightaway. We ask you to leave your affected tech a safe distance away, and we only approach it once you’ve left the shop.

Your property is then labelled and taken to our cleaning zone and wiped down with an approved Isopropyl alcohol 70% solution (with distilled water), this is done twice – once on book-in (to protect US) and on sign-off (to protect YOU).

Once we’re happy that everything is clean, your job joins the rest on one of our workbenches, but kept at a safe distance from other customers’ property to minimise risk of transmission.

We also have available free hand sanitiser/alcohol gel, and we operate a strict one person in the store policy along with a protective screen between you and the member of staff helping you.

We’re constantly striving to improve our process and procedures, so you can be assured we’re doing absolutely everything we can to keep you safe and get your technology working to its absolute best!

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